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del 26/11/2018

Whatever happened to

All of the heroes?

All the Shakespearoes?

They watched their Rome burn

Whatever happened to the heroes?

Whatever happened to the heroes?

[The Stranglers - No More Heroes]


del 16/10/2017

Books waiting to be written
Love is waiting to be loved
Songs here, underneath my fingers
Waiting to be sung

Nothing will be written
And no-one ever will I love
No song will I be singing
If it's where I'm running off

But I know that it works
'Cause I've seen that it's true
If you just let it go
It will come back to you

(Fear si Like a Forest)


del 18/09/2017

The people next door got their problems
They got things they can't name
I know a thing about lovers
Lovers don't feel any shame

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