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del 26/12/2017

Hommus, cous cous in the jus' of octopus

Pastrami and salami and lasagne on the go

Welcome stranger, there's no danger

Welcome to this humble neighborhood

There's Balti, Bhindi, strictly Hindi

Dall, Halal and I'm walking down the road

Rocksoul, okra, bombay duck-ra

Shrimp beansprout, comes with it or without

[Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros - Bhindi Bhagee]


del 21/11/2016

Yeah the ground is a hard place
Where many things have been broken
Full of rocks and stones, yeah
Waitin' for some bones as a token
Gotta keep that horse between yeah you and the ground
parole di Seasick Steve, immagine di Christine Owman